a poem for this day

today, as the governance of my country falls into the hands of powers which are no friend of the earth, my fears for the living world increase. today, i offer my prayers for the protection of our beloved planet and all beings*

(this poem which i wrote in 1991 resonates for me today.)

deep in the forest

for a while i walked lightly
through the wooded land,
seeking the comfort
nature had always brought me.
but somehow that day,
even though surrounded by the colors
and scents of autumn in the woods,
i could find no solace.
sinking to the earth in dismay,
i felt the tears fall into my hands
and onto the ground,
a large and heavy soulful rain,
and i could not stop the flow.
it was as if my ruptured heart
poured its life’s blood onto the soil,
an offering to the wounded land.
even deep in the forest,
i could feel the scars
of old wounds,
the slow work of poisons,
the anguish of unending desecration…
and pain permeated my being.
unashamed, i huddled there,
my soul pouring forth its salty gifts
as holy water,
hoping to heal at least some of the hurt
suffered by the living world,
and by my grieving spirit.

october, 1991
lakewood, ohio



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